04 February 2013

A New Path Along the Road

I met a really fantastic woman in Nags Head, NC that ran a clog shop.  It's called Chameleon Clogs and if you ever visit the Outer Banks it is in the new Food Lion plaza on Hwy 12.  A friend had shared one of my feathers with her and it just so happened that she was looking for local artists to help with hand-painting some designs.  All of this happened during a party at her shop where I got to not only see the finished products, but watch the creation of some of her woven clog designs from start to finish.
The main challenge for me is that it has to be a mirror image. Normally, I do one shot paintings. I find something inspiring and I put it into a painting or other design. Very rarely do I duplicate, let alone mirror. But I am always up for a challenge!  My first design is a bit simpler than what I do with my feathers, which made it easier to replicate for the clogs.  They are approved and I am expecting more blanks to make some more dragonflies and try out a few other designs that are cooking in my head.  This is a really exciting and unexpected opportunity that I am happy to have a chance to take part of!

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