23 February 2011

Bobcat's, the Before and After

Sometimes, when I see older works I've done, I'm inspired to give it another shot.  The first feline portrait I did, was brought about by a friend who had an affinity for bobcats.  Fur was kind of difficult to get down, especially with how much white is in the animal.  So I wasn't thrilled with it, but it was a first good step in the right direction.

A year later, I was going through my stock and decided to give it another shot.  I found a loverly image of a bobcat munching on a fish, so while I didn't want a muzzle full of fish ick...the photo was a beautiful close up.  So I took it and ran with it.  It's fun to see the changes that occur over the course of just a year.  I'm excited to see how much it will change over the next 12 months!

Unikite spheres with coconut heishi
Bobcats are strange little furballs though.  Compact powerhouses yet just as agile as a housecat.  Well...maybe not quite as agile.  They do make quite a "whomph" when they land.  While I'm still not convinced they can be easily mistaken for fat domestic cats, there are certainly enough of their half-breeded offspring floating around.

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