23 February 2011

It's Better Than Bambi!

Back up in Pennsylvania, we had deer EVERYWHERE.  Huge white tail deer, in large herds, running in the roads, eating the neighbor's petunias.  It was perpetual antics no matter what time of year.  They can't seem to decide if there's an over population of if they need saving.

But outside of the perceived problems that they see up there, deer are a good community medicine.  While ones are eating, others are keeping a sharp ear out for intruders and threats.  The children are kept close by and made sure they're safe.  And while they have to look of soft and gentle and demure, they'll tromp a person into the ground if you're that close of a threat.  Is it common, well, no...but it is in their personality.

The deer here, are tiny marsh deer.  They're not as skiddish, and a little more curious, but about the size of large dogs.  Instead of running into the cars, they'll usually stand at the side of the road and just kind of watch you go by.

I recall one time I was taking a walk going into the evening, and I spotted what looked like a fawn, but with antlers.  I wasn't sure if it was an actual animal, or a foam target.  I crept closer and closer.  When I got to about five yards away, the small buck snorted and then calmly walked away.  It's still a little strange getting used to, but they are still strangely adorable to me.

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