23 February 2011

Branden's Runes

Branden had been oogling rune sets for some time now.  My mother had sent me deer antlers, and while I'm not much for runes (I'm more of a tarot person) I really wanted to make him a set specifically for him. I tried to do as much research as I could with them.  Being as I don't follow much of the Asatru ways, I still wanted them to be as accurate as I could make them.

The bag is out of rabbit skin.  There's a little bit of fur still around the edges.  The antler beads on the toggles are smoothed and one has the image that he uses as a logo.

The skin was already tanned, so I didn't have to do much work on it to clean the fur off...thankfully.  I still plan on learning how to properly tan, but his bag, is not one of those projects.

All of the runes were ground with a dremel on the edges so they're nice and smooth when he reaches his hand in they're not going to slice his fingertips.  The rune symbols are burned into the slices of deer antler.  And let me tell you, burned deer antler smells horrible!  But the finished product is well worth it.

They were finished by his birthday last October, and while he hasn't consecrated them, he has quite a nice bond with them already.

And to add to my pride of these, I got to speak with some of the members of The Troth when vending at CNCPPD 2010.  I asked him to take a look at the runes I made to see if they were acceptable to Troth standards.  I also have done a book that I will post soon to go with them.  I am very pleased to say that both the runes and the accompanying book have received the Asatru stamp of approval!

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