23 February 2011

Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny.....

Branden used to own a rabbit.  A little black and dwarf bunny he called Lexi.  While many people still see them as cute little fluffy happy things.  I have learned a different perspective of these animals through having one of them as a housemate for several years.

They do have some timid tendencies.  Their noses never stop twitching at fifty miles an hour.  In the wild, they run as soon as they see you coming.  That, of course, is after they've frozen in a panic hoping you don't see them. 

They they're not all fun and happiness.  I was not aware how angry the little things can be!  They are judgmental, finicky, temperamental, and just down right angry.  She would pound on her litter box if you didn't clean it the approved number of times a day.  She would dump her food if it didn't have what she wanted.  She'd thump her back feet to tell you she wasn't happy about having cats in the house, and then proceed to attack the cats...which were twice her size.  I would have never thought that they were such complex creatures before we had the pleasure of having her around.

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