23 February 2011

Large Lessons From A Tiny Messanger

I was given a totem reading by a friend once, and I was informed that it was believed I have Hummingbird Medicine.  Hummingbirds are one of the most fantastic creatures around.  They cut through the air, seemingly effortlessly, with no regard to the restrictions that their cousins have.  They are shy in many situations, and will fly off if you breathe wrong when they first start coming around.  But the more comfortable they get, the bolder the tiny birds get.  They'll come up and peck at painted fingernails, and give you a quick fly by to remind you you're not welcome when they're feeding.

Their medicine is that of happiness.  Not naiveness, but happiness.  Taking every obstacle and looking at the positive and fixing it, knowing you can overcome anything that sits in your way.  Knowing when to avoid conflicts and when to show your snarky and sharp attitude to chop the problem down to size.

While it seems like an easy lesson to learn, it's a difficult lesson to truly accept.  So thank you little Hummingbird.

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