23 February 2011

Revisiting Of Totems

Totems are strange things at times, but they're a good source of inspiration when it comes to what I would like to produce next.

Scurvy of PCP, we'll often pick on for being a raccoon totem.  He's a bit of a troublemaker.  He can troubleshoot like no tomorrow, but in an outside-of-the-box kind of way.  He's resourceful, resilient, and has a small problem with survival instinct.  So the inspiration for this feather has come out of long conversations with him, and reminds me of his antics.

Along with that, I've always felt that one of my totems is a red-tailed hawk (hence the title of the blog).  I had rarely seen a decent photo to help use as a reference when it comes to birds.  Their usually too shadowed, or too far away.  There always seems to be a problem.  Once I found a good one, the painting went much smoother than I had anticipated though.

Hawks are known for saying very sharp things when needed to force people to pay attention.  They're kind of skiddish in some ways.  And if they're injured, they become a bit more fragile than you might think.  Their cry is such that everything stops when it's heard.  They are connected with Spirit, in a way that they bring messages from Spirit so people can better understand.

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