23 February 2011

Mosquito Assassins

Every year, we have a mosquito problem.  All it takes is a few drops of rain, and the little suckers come out of seemingly nowhere to feast on the unprepared.  Nature's solution?  The dragonfly.  And last year, we got TONS of them!  Every shape and size too.

They were welcomed friends to be seen at the start of every season, eating as many little mosquitoes as they can.  They seem to hover almost effortlessly through the thick humid air of summer.  Landing on your skin just long enough to make eye contact before streaking through the air again, as if to remind you that they are working hard on the problem.

And just a little bit of a side note, I've been blessed to have been able to have this feather purchased by a very dear friend to be a gift for her mother.

While the dragonflies take care of the daylight hours, the night is a different story.  While we don't seem to have many of them, we do have a few bats to take care of the night shift.  These wonderful little creatures eat more than their weight in mosquitoes every night!  There's still so many people who fear these little winged friends.

Getting over the fear of bats can mean looking deep into the dark.  They're strange creatures, some of them don't even need their eyes to see, and they're the stuff of horror films.  But when it comes down to it, they're truly wonderful little creatures that are just built specifically for their environment.  They're not scary, or ugly, or vicious, they're wonderful little animals that are just their to do their job.

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