23 February 2011

Oh Grandmother Spider...Keep Your Children

I've never been fond of spiders exactly.  They've been a bit of a pain if I'm to be completely honest.  They lie in wait until I'm in just the right position, and POUNCE! they're in my face.  It sounds silly, I am fully aware of this...trust me.  We have huge jumping spiders and fast grass spiders that like to lie in wait for me around the house.  We have an agreement, or at least I'd like to pretend so, stay out my sight and I'll pretend you're not in my house.  I know they're good creatures.  And Grandmother Spider does her job of reminding us that we're all connected and interwoven, one can't be comfortable without the other.  They keep the "bad" bugs away and down in population.  I just wish, that Grandmother Spider would keep her children in less mischievous temperaments.

So, while they're not my favorites, I still understand how important they are, and did a few feathers as a reminder to myself that they are still important in the cycle of life, and beautiful in their own unique way.  Thank you Grandmother Spider.

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